Nassini Fine Art is an artistic project: Exhibitions, online gallery, online store, commissioned artworks, collaborative projects, live concerts, site specific projects, artistic workshops, courses, interviews and life long learning.

On the online platform www.nassifineart.com you will be able to buy fine art prints, cards and posters. You can also commission a piece of art, take a look at my recent pieces and projects or join a community of arts lovers to be inspired and uplifted by powerful artworks.

Serena Nassini is the founder of Nassini Fine Art and she is an Italian professional Fine Artist, Painter, Klezmer Clarinettist and Art educator based in England since 2013.

    What is Nassini Fine Art ? 

    Nassini Fine Art is where I help to emancipate, empower, inspire, educate and heal people through:
    • Fine Art Prints, Posters and Cards - shipped in 48h, carbon neutral
    • Free exhibitions and workshops for the fine folks who sign up to the Artletter from Serena (it's free).
    • Contemporary Arts based Research by living independent artists
    • Original Fine Artworks 
    • Commissions - Conceptual portraits based on dialogues, Album Covers, Book Covers, Logos, Visual Artworks, Designs, Tattoo designs and more
    • Custom Portraits, Drawings, Paintings and more  - Digital files, Physical work/print, site specific projects, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor murals
    • Drawing and Painting Courses in English and in Italian (online)
    • Drop in Art Workshops (practice based) and Art for wellbeing classes (online)
    I believe in making art and music with others, spreading counterculture in the most effective ways for sustainable futures, increasing local and global health.
    Nassini Fine Art is the online platform that I use to make the world a better place by offering inspiring artworks about personal and global health, spreading emotional and thought provoking fine art prints and guiding others to grow by developing their artistic potential. My current active and embodied research focuses on contemporary art, contemporary folk music and health. In addition to my daily art and clarinet practice I take intensive courses, attending classes in several formal and informal settings, deepening my artistic knowledge and skills.

    The Artist Bio

    I am an experienced artist, art teacher and clarinettist with a master's degree in Artist, Teacher and Contemporary Practices and a Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Visual Arts. Originally from Italy, I am based in the UK since 2013. More than 10 years of exhibitions and teaching experience in Uk, Italy and California have given me a good understanding of the potential of art making and its impact on people’s lives and societies. In my practices I tackle important themes and I translate the language of art for the general public while using an enjoyable, empowering and dialectic approach without compromising the quality of the work. I currently create and deliver courses and workshops (follow “Serena Art for All” on facebook and instagram to stay up to date), I run online Art for wellbeing sessions at the Holloway Neighbourhood Group in north London and I work as a fine artist at “Nassini Fine Art” (follow this account on facebook and instagram to stay up to date) where I offer fine art prints, commissions and original artworks. I also play klezmer, folk and world music on clarinet everyday and perform on stage as often as I can!